Big6 is a six-stage Information and technology literacy model designed to teach the research process. It was created by Mike Eisenberg and Robert Berkowitz. This process could be applied to personal as well as educational goals. It can be used to enhance problem solving and decision making skills as well as how to find credible sources of information and effective use. The Super3 contains the same basic elements as the Big6, but is written for younger students to understand. It does not force children into ding things certain way -- it is a framework. So what do you know about The Big6and how are you using it to help students connect the pieces to design effective research?
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AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic feedback tool. Use it as a tool for online brainstorming or embed it on your website or blog as a poll or guestbook.
Create and share amazing video lessons with your ipad or browser.
Educreations can be used to record your voice, handwriting, and insert images. Students can share ideas and knowledge with classmates and teachers can share with students. Unlimited pages can be created. The completed video lesson can be stored online and shared with other users. This tool can be used to apply to all levels of Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.
OOlone is a visual search engine with results displayed as images or pictures of websites rather than blocks of text.
OOlone makes searching the internet more intuitive and interactive by providing the user with their four top results presented as images of the resulting websites. It was created on the belief that providing visual results helps users find resources faster. The user can hover over an image to enlarge or scroll back or forward for additional results. Search queries are not stored. The figure 8, infinity symbol, in its name represents the near-infinite amount of information available on the internet.
ThingLink can be used to make static images interactive and track analytics of the image and links shared. It can be used to tell a story using images music, video, and text. Users create multiple hot spots on a selected image and turn the image into a multimedia launcher. The image can be tagged with web content and shared on wikis, web pages and other social sites .
Tricider is an online tool used for brainstorming, decision making and idea generation. It can be used to build a structure for discussions and feedback. No registration is required and it can be used by participants to vote on the best option from choices given. Tricisions can be shared in the tricider public idea space or remain private. There are four basic steps on brainstorming with Tricider.